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Online trivia games started to get popular around 2006, when few pioneer sites started to offer trivia quizzes and game shows online. There are many types of online trivia games, some are single play games, but the new style of trivia game online are multiplayer trivia games in which trivia players from all around the world are playing against each other. Most of the online trivia games have a free version, so it is free to join and play, and also money version where you need to deposit money and you play for cash prizes. Another popular type is jackpot trivia games online, which are similar to slot machines, but of course without the luck element as trivia is a skilled based game. If you are interested in playing online trivia game for money / free, check out which offers a large variety of games

Online trivia games are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to play trivia games. Many trivia lovers who were used to playing in trivia clubs, with friends using board games like trivial pursuit, or just on their own with a newspaper or watching TV, are now turning to the internet for their favorite games. Online trivia games let you find other trivia lovers from all around the world and play with them from the comfort of your home. You can sit in your pajamas and challenge other players to a quick game of trivia for money or just for free. Good players can actually make a lot of money when they play online trivia games for money. A good website offers them the opportunity to meet many other players and play many money games. If they win most of the games they play, they can earn big cash prizes.

Online trivia games are also a great way to hone your trivia skills in preparation for trying to find a place in an actual TV game show. If you are on your way to try out for a game show like who wants to be a millionaire or some other trivia audition, going to a good website to play online trivia games can be an excellent idea. You can gain a lot of experience and knowledge playing online trivia games which can make the difference in a game show audition.



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